Tuesday, August 11, 2009

O, Solo Mio

It must have been over ten years ago that I realized I don't like people. There had been hints and clues all along--I avoided clubs and organizations, was never comfortable on teams, always enjoyed individual activities like running or walking--but I never put everything together. Ironically, it was one of those "aha" moments, an epiphany, samsara that opened my mind. I was walking through a parking lot and noticed a bumper sticker that read "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog".
Yep. I certainly like dogs.
When I'm alone, or with my 4 dogs, I loosen up, unwind, solve problems. Today I walked in the woods--no company, human or canine. But I wasn't alone. Today I was accompanied by Robert Frost. We discussed "Stopping By Woods" and "The Road Not Taken". Other times I'm talking with other artists--Joyce, Dylan, Marley. So even when I'm alone I'm not alone. I don't have to listen to other folks' thoughts or problems. The point is that I feel healthier, refreshed after a solitary walk. As Bob Marley said, "My home is in my head".
Most days 'solitary' walks are taken with my dogs, which can be a bit stressful. One running off, one rolling in some foul, black paste, one constantly begging for Pup-eroni. But when I walk with Sophie, my dearest and oldest dog, a 7 year old Black Lab, I'm guided into the natural world in a priceless way. Sophie gently leads me down trails and points to the golden light streaming through the thousand different colors of green. We are a great couple. And now Sophie has a limp, just like me. Perfect.
So, in an effort to understand myself and my life, it is a solid fact that I like my own company best, along with that of my wife and children...followed close behind by my four furry friends Sophie, Bowen, Nicholas, and Mackenzie.

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