Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Woodstock Fair 2010

Well, my 13th fair has come and gone with a big bang...Monday night's fireworks salute to the 150th consecutive Woodstock Fair was absolutely amazing. We were seated at Mrs Bridges' Pantry eating, drinking, chatting when the fireworks show opened with a deep boom as the first rocket raced up in the night sky. We moved our chairs to create the best view and sat entranced for the next 15 minutes. Wonderful. Cheers to the Fair Committee.
Those fireworks shows are very expensive...very expensive. At least this year I didn't feel completely foolish handing $12 to a gate-keeper for the privilege of spending my money inside the Fair Grounds. Lots of folks are angry at the entrance fee. Keeps a lot of people away. My favorite teller at Bank of America in Putnam will never attend the fair as long as they charge to get in. I bet there are more people like her.
Lots of grumbling this year--most years it seems--about too many food booths and a shrinking roster of traditional fair vendors--like removable tattoos, fortune-tellers, games, rides, junk sellers. The real fair stuff. How many pizza vendors do you need at the Woodstock Fair? We hear rumors of rising booth rental fees and vendors deciding to pass on the whole affair.
Hopefully, the new regime at the Fair will turn things around and bring back the deep-fried Twinkies and Snickers bars. Bring back the rows of junk sellers--little dog-face ornaments and bizarre wood carvings. Imagine strolling down an aisle of weird junk with a fistful of deep-fried Twinkie?? Nothing better in the world on Labor Day Weekend.

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