Friday, June 19, 2009

The Gates of Hell

One of the great experiences a person can have is to pass through the Gates of Hell and travel to the assigned Circle while still alive.  Getting in, as Virgil tells us, is the easy part. I can vouch for, I'm sure, many of you can. The trick is getting out. Returning. Bringing back the Eternal Vibration and spreading the news. 
You learn a great deal about yourself standing at the precipice staring down into limitless darkness. Will you jump or fall? Or will you back away and slowly claw your way out--past all the familiar sights you enjoyed so much on the way in? Yes, a lot can be learned out there on the edge. And it's all wasted if you don't return and share your story. Other people can feel where you've been--you don't even have to tell your tale intentionally. Those who return from the Infernal Region have a certain look and feel. The occasional thousand-yard stare. The residue of pain and suffering that adds weight and color to your actions.
And a lot is stripped away from your life--the unnecessary, the socially-required toys and wardrobe, the excess baggage. You come closer to yourself. Sometimes that's a real victory. And sometimes it's too much to bear. Sometimes the revealed mystery is unbearable. And once you know a thing, you can't un-know it. Still, in spite of all the danger, regardless of the inherent risks, if you haven't passed through the Eternal Gates at least once in your life, you're looking at life through a heavy veil.


  1. so, tell us something that you can't un-know

  2. I can't un-know the fact that I love you.
    That's a forever fact.
    Takes up a lot of space in my backpack.
    Heavier than water.
    But nice to rest my head on after a long day walking through this world.